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Please sign the petition to keepTaekwon-Do as a GCSE and ‘A’ Level Sport
From September 2015, the Department of Education is planning to more than half the number of eligible sports.
This will discourage youngsters from taking sport further when they should be encouraged!
Many sports will be affected by this change.      .... Click Here to Sign the Petition ....

Hello … A quick introduction to what Martial Arts Register is and does.

We are a simple website that acts as a portal to Martial Arts information such as
  • Martial Arts Clubs – a list of clubs that can be searched by location and then present information on what the club does, location, costs, images and anything else of interest
  • Martial Arts Information – a list of Arts (by no means definitive) with a short description of what the art is and does. We also hope users of the site will contribute to the content with links to federations, associations, organisations and governing bodies
  • Martial Arts Suppliers – a list of businesses to buy your martial arts equipment, books, clothes and anything else you might need
  • Martial Arts Events and Diary – a list of upcoming events – seminars, demonstrations or book and film releases
  • Martial Arts Articles and News – more martial arts information – written by us or submitted by you – reports on events – thoughts on martial arts – and endless list of possible subjects.

We are not a governing body of any type – and have no influence over Instructors, clubs or arts. However we reserve the right to control the content on our site and will rely on our users to highlight anything that should not be on our site.

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