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Israeli Fighting Systems Northern Ireland

Club name: Israeli Fighting Systems Northern Ireland

MAR member since 12/08/2009.

Israeli Fighting Systems Northern Ireland specialises in the following arts and styles:

Krav Maga (Urban)
MMA Cross Training 

Web address:

Club contact details:

Enkalon Industrial Estate
Randalstown Road
bt41 5lj

Contact name: Paul - Chris
Contact telephone: 07895514637
Contact fax: 07983706929
Contact email:

Please see our website for class times and info

We are the first Urban Krav Maga club in Ireland and are registered under our Head Instructor Stewart Mc Gill, under the British Combat Association and under the ISKA.

The class is not for the faint of heart and involves alot of full contact training in Urban Krav Maga and MMA stlye sparring. We also train hard on conditoning and own an 18ft octagon which is raised 1 meter off the ground on a 20ft x 20ft platform.

We cater for beginners, ladies and serious fighters - we pride our club on having no egos and everyone is friendly and helpfull.

Everyone is welcome wether you are just looking to get fit and learn self defence right up through to the MMA fight team. The MMA fight team is only volunterry and most student are happy to get fit and learn a good self defense system!

The class is open to all backgrounds from all religions,race and creed - no politic B.S is tolerated!




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