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I.M.M.A Gym

Club name: I.M.M.A Gym

MAR member since 02/02/2010.

I.M.M.A Gym specialises in the following arts and styles:

MMA Cross Training 

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Club contact details:

16-24 George Street,
BT43 5AP

Contact name: Rodney Moore
Contact telephone: 07708713494
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Openeing Times Mon:- 6-8pm Advanced Class/MMA Conditioning/Stand up for MMA

                      Tue:- 6-8pm Advanced Class/MMA Circuit/Clinch & Takedowns

                      Wed:- 12-1.30pm MMA Class/All Levels

                                6-7.30pm Beginners MMA Class

                       Thur:- 6-8pm Advanced Class/Grappling Techniques for MMA

                         Fri:- 12-1.30pm MMA class/All Levels

                                 5-6.30pm Open Gym/ MMA Grappling Gi & No Gi

                                7.15-8.15pm Tai Bo/Box-ercise

                         Sat:- 11am-12.30pm Beginners MMA Class

                                  12.30-2.30pm Open Gym/ MMA Sparring

*All other Arts ie; Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kali/JKD, Self Defence, MMA Strength & Conditioning etc are all done through Private lessons. I am also a fully qualified personal trainer, nutrition and fitness coach*

We are situated right in the heart of Ballymena, just over 500 mtrs from the Bus and Train station. Its the old Harley Davidson Building.

We have a 1200sq ft matted area, 16ft boxing ring, 16ft cage, punch bags, kettlebells/free weights/battleropes/tyres/kegs etc....

Our gym is one of the largest and best clubs in the country. We have people that travel far and wide to come train with us and get ready for fights. We have a Competition/fight team who are very successfull on the and european scene. most of all what sets our gym apart from the rest is that we make training fun. There are no ego's or bullies just everyone sharing knowledge and helping each other become better athletes/fighters


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