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Belfast Kenpo Karate Academy

Club name: Belfast Kenpo Karate Academy

MAR member since 12/03/2013.

Belfast Kenpo Karate Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (American Kenpo)

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Conway Mill
Falls Road

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Monday and Wednesay 8pm - 9.15pm

We are proud to be the first Kenpo school in Northern Ireland.

We study Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate. One of the most effective self defense systems in the world. Well known for it's quick strikes and principles of motion, the Kenpo syllabus teaches students to build up techniques from the simple up to the more complicated.

We train in a fully matted and equipped dojo and promote safe training in a fun environment. New students are always welcome at our club. Give yourself more confidence, increase your fitness and push yourself to always improve.


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