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redditch & webheath ju-jitsu club

Club name: redditch & webheath ju-jitsu club

MAR member since 08/04/2017.

redditch & webheath ju-jitsu club specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu 

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Club contact details:

webheath village hall
heathfield road
b97 5sq

Contact name: roy hancock
Contact telephone: 07742196460
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Thursday evenings:
children: pee-wee 6-9yrs & 
             junior    10-17yrs                      6.30pm to 7.45pm.   monthly payment required

Adults:    18yrs and over, male and female 7.45 to 9pm.           monthly payment required

annual insurance & budo licence issued through "bushido budo kai"

A small but friendly club with male & female members from across the social spectrum who enjoy and train in "non competitive" traditional Goshin ju-jitsu. Discipline,respect,and good manners are at the core of our ethics along with self inprovement.

We can take you from beginner through to Black belt
The instructors are : principal sensei Roy Hancock.         6th Dan ju-jitsu Shihan
                                                  Paul Leavey.           5th Dan ju-jitsu
                                                  Robert Ofkants.      4th Dan ju-jitsu
                                                  Chris Sole.             3rd Dan ju-jitsu
                                                  Stephen Doubleday. 2nd Dan ju-jitsu
                                                  James Doubleday.    1st Dan ju-jitsu
Many of these instructors also hold Black belt ranks in other budo arts.

                    "You will find a warm and friendly welcome should you choose to visit"


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