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Jeet Kune Do North London

Club name: Jeet Kune Do North London

MAR member since 20/04/2017.

Jeet Kune Do North London specialises in the following arts and styles:

Jeet Kune Do 

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Methodist Archway Church
Greater London
N19 3TD

Contact name: John Ewer
Contact telephone: 0208 347 7232
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6:45pm - 8pm

We keep classes small in size; by these means we are able to ensure that our students receive personal attention, whether they require an initial entry level self-defence course or the full syllabus of Jeet Kune Do.  We are a welcoming and friendly academy.

I am a martial arts practitioner with over forty years experience.  My original discipline was Judo, and my master was Percy Sekine (eighth dan), he is still a friend to this day, and I have indeed been lucky when choosing my masters.  Later, and while living abroad,  I practiced Taekwondo.  After returning to the U.K. I was still searching for my defining discipline, and I found it in Jeet Kune Do. Once again I had the good fortune to be introduced to Roger Barnes (U.K. European, and World Championship Silver and Gold medalist)  I obtained my Black Belt qualification for Jeet Kune Do under his tuition. 


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