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Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Club name: Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

MAR member since 17/06/2017.

Martin Acton's Aikido Institute specialises in the following arts and styles:

Self Defence 

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100 Church Street

Contact name: Martin Acton
Contact telephone: 07869402588
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From 1988 until 2008, Martin Acton sensei was studying, practicing and teaching Aikido with the top masters in Japan. He was the first Western person to open and run two very successful dojos in Yokohama Japan. Acton sensei has taught all types of students, from primary school all the way up to University level. He taught at major Japanese companies throughout Japan as a motivational speaker. Helping them with conflict resolution problems, absenteeism, stress reduction and how to maintain good working relations. He even taught the Japanese riot police.

In 2008 he returned home to Northern Ireland to share the life lessons and skills he learnt having lived in England, the USA and Japan. In 2011 Acton sensei opened and established the first full-time Aikido Institute in all the UK and North and South Ireland.
Aikido children's classes are available 6 days a week. Classes for adults are available 5 nights a week.
We runAikido 8-Week Introduction courses,8-week Self-Defence coursesas well as1-day seminarsonWomen's Self-Defence,Aikido weaponsandmeditation.
Also a7-Week Anti-Bullying Course for High School Students.
We run8-Day Aikido Summer Campin August for the children.
Our children's Aikido classes focus on teaching basic Japanese language skills how to deal with bullies, teachers and school officials in a positive, constructive and practical manner if a bullying situation occurs.
The youngest students we teach are 3-years old and the oldest at this time is 68-years old.
By studying Aikido at Martin Acton's Aikido Institute students become stronger, smarter and healthier mentally, emotionally and physically. They do well on tests at school, and absenteeism declines because the students develop a love for learning. If you are thinking of a gift for your child then enrolling him/her in Aikido classes is a gift that will serve him/her for life. Come try a free sample lesson. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon on the mats.


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