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Defence Lab Shropshire

Club name: Defence Lab Shropshire

MAR member since 04/08/2017.

Defence Lab Shropshire specialises in the following arts and styles:

Self Defence (DNA)
Krav Maga 
Thai Boxing 

Web address:

Club contact details:

Telford College of Arts and Technology
haybridge Road

Contact name: Ravi Shergill
Contact telephone: 08007720784
Contact email:

Monday       17:30-2100

Wednesday 19:30-21:30

Friday          17:30-21:00

Defence Lab is a global network of self defenceand fitness facilities

Defence Lab is "a place of investigation”…

The scientific study of physical and mental aspects of reality-based combat and self-defence.

Defence Lab’s DNA Fight Science is a free thinking reality-based combat system.

The ever developing DNA Fight Science here at Defence Lab is constantly adjusting and EVOLVING with its surroundings. Techniques, principles and philosophies are always tested to answer the question "Does it Work?”

We never believe that it’s "perfect”….  Always watching, listening, training, testing and ultimately EVOLVING..


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