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Rob Ley Academy Falmouth

Club name: Rob Ley Academy Falmouth

MAR member since 04/09/2017.

Rob Ley Academy Falmouth specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Ving Tsun)

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Club contact details:

The Dracaena Centre
Dracaena Avenue

Contact name: Dion Sebastian Richards
Contact telephone: 07933553334
Contact email:

From 27/09/2017

Classes Run every Wednesday 19:00 - 20:30hrs

Cost is £8 per 1:30hrs session

Rob Ley Academy Falmouth is a full time Academy teaching Ip Man Ving Tsun.

Rob Ley Academy Falmouth is taught by Sifu Richards, a third generation student in Ip Man Ving Tsun under the tutelage of Master Robert Ley. Master Robert Ley is a fully qualified Ving Tsun/Wing Chun Instructor, his Sifu is Grand Master Roland Tong. Grand Master Roland Tong was a close personal friend and student of GGM Ip Man. Robert Ley is Grand Master Roland Tongs only student living outside of China.


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