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Steve Martin Fights Arts Academy

Club name: Steve Martin Fights Arts Academy

MAR member since 08/09/2017.

Steve Martin Fights Arts Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

Jeet Kune Do 
Self Defence 

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Club contact details:

The River Bourne Club
Heriot Road
KT16 9DR

Contact name: Steve Martin
Contact telephone: 07801 035676
Contact email:

Tuesdays: 8.15 - 9.45pm

Thursdays: 8 -9.30pm

We teach a variety of arts that we deem important for overall ability and to become a well rounded martial artist. This includes JKD /Western Boxing/ Kickboxing / Muay Thai Boxing / Jun Fan / Filipino Arts / Kali (this is a huge art we use Stick / Knife and Empty Hand elements) /Stand up Locking and Grappling

Much of our locking comes from stand up Ju-Jitsu and Grappling from modern MMA, although our attachment for locking is worked from a more free flow Filipino Panantuan / Boxing style for effectiveness. We also utilise techniques from BJJ and Judo for a Self Defence purposes.


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