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Maiwand Martial Arts

Club name: Maiwand Martial Arts

MAR member since 06/10/2017.

Maiwand Martial Arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

MMA Cross Training (Maiwand Martial Arts )

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Greater London
nw10 7ay

Contact name: Mirwais Khan
Contact telephone: 07886363570
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Maiwand is a modern Muti-style Martial Arts system,that teaches it's practitioners important aspects of self-defense.
We truly believe in our unique style.


Multi-Fighting System
Different Types of MMA Weapons...
Nunchucks/Broadsword/Stick Combat
Maiwand Self-defence System
Empty Hand Forms or Difa

Our mission is to create the ultimate environment for the growth. The MMA Academy exists to promote self-progression and personal achievement
at a pace that is ...suitable to the individual.
Our team of highly qualified instructors is dedicated to provide all students with a safe and constructive environment in which to develop your skills.
Our mission is to provide equal opportunity for kids ages 5 and up thru to adults of any age.

As members of MMA we will aim to offer the highest possible level of instruction to every one of our students.

We set out to make our training programmed beneficial to the physical and psychological wellbeing of our students and enjoyable to each and every member.

We encourage and prepare our students so that they may reach their full potential in the discipline. To increase the community’s awareness of MMA and to teach in a supportive, yet effective manner.


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