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Richard Burford

Club name: Richard Burford

MAR member since 15/12/2017.

Richard Burford specialises in the following arts and styles:

Self Defence (Freestyle)

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Etone Sports Centre
Leicester Road

Contact name: Richard Burford
Contact telephone: 07446235096
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I myself have grown up with a physical disability on the left-hand side of my body which limits me from achieving some tasks. This is one of the reasons I started martial arts in 1986 and have not looked back since. My confidence has grown immensely and I have proven to myself that I am far more capable of achieving goals through martial arts.
Through my martial arts career up-to-date I have attended many seminars and competitions until I found my own club.
The Chiran Do Martial Arts Club is a unique club that caters to all ages and abilities. Essentially self-defencebased on a combination of different styles of martial arts including Karate, Aikido Ju-Jitsu. There is a set syllabus for able-bodied people and flexible programs can be produced to suit a person's disability. The severity of the disability is not an issue as we can adapt to suit the individual.
For further information please don't hesitate to contact me on 0744 623 5096 alternately you can e-mail me on


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