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Defence Works

Club name: Defence Works

MAR member since 12/02/2018.

Defence Works specialises in the following arts and styles:

Self Defence (Street Defence)
Taijutsu (Zeropoint Bujinkan)

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Camm Street Centre
Camm Street

Contact name: Jamie Deighton
Contact telephone: 07554432548
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Wednesday 19:00 

We decided that with more than 30 years martial arts experience, we wanted to help other people learn some of the insights we have learned. We wanted to start a class that is accessible, enjoyable and relevant. We wanted a class that would enable our students to enjoy a varied mix of techniques , where skills build week on week.
With this is mind, Defence works was born. Using techniques from a number of martial arts we have a format to suit people of all fitness and skill levels. The goal is build your confidence, your self defence ability, your physical mobility and your awareness.


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