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Club name: ShinKenDo

MAR member since 01/07/2018.

ShinKenDo specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu 

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Castle Leisure Centre
2 St Gabriel Walk,
elephant and Castle
Greater London

Contact name: Steve jsoeph
Contact telephone: 07514614843
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Thursday 8pm-9.30pm

 ShinKen-Do  establish in 1985 is renowned for realistic, professional martial art self defence training. 
It places emphasis first and foremost on self protection.

Our training  is the choice of professionals and civilians alike, where individuals learn not just a self defence but a martial art offering physical health & fitness mental  and spiritual development. 

Practice combines Small Joint Locks, throws, strikes, defence against knife attacks and pressure point application.

We ask that you come along and try a FREE CLASS trial lesson. You will encounter your first lesson to be based on warm up, gentle stretching loosening ​exercise, followed onto practical techniques of self defence training. 

No macho atmosphere here. The emphasis is on acquiring self defence techniques, the development of mind, body and spirit.  NOT on fighting. 
Leave your ego at the door and come in.


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