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Club name: ShinKenDo

MAR member since 01/07/2018.

ShinKenDo specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu 

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40 Hyde Rd,
Greater London
N1 5JU

Contact name: Steve Joseph
Contact telephone: 07514614843
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Every Saturday 12pm-2pm

With the explosive growth of MMA around the world, basic submissions, positions, and fight strategies have never been so familiar to everyday people.

Unfortunately in many MMA gyms the students rarely if ever, learn the moral aspects that will ensure the safe and ethical application of the techniques, and this presents a very serious threat to ordinary people. 

Shinken-Do aims to rebalance the scales in favour of the ordinary member of the public.

ShinKen-Do is a modern self defence Martial Art system incorporating striking, grappling and ground fighting and is designed to be utilized against armed and unarmed street assaults

Our training  is the choice of professionals and civilians alike, where individuals learn not just a self defence but a martial art offering physical health & fitness mental  and spiritual development. 

Practice combines Small Joint Locks, throws, strikes, defence against knife attacks and pressure point application.


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