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Swimming Dragon School of Sun Style Neijia

Club name: Swimming Dragon School of Sun Style Neijia

MAR member since 19/11/2018.

Swimming Dragon School of Sun Style Neijia specialises in the following arts and styles:

Tai Chi (Sun)
Chinese (Xing Yi Quan)
Chinese (Bagua Zhang)

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Club contact details:

Griffin Park Community Centre, New Road, Porthcawl
South Glamorgan
CF36 5DE

Contact name: John Bennett Jones
Contact telephone: 01656784991
Contact email:

The main class is Sunday afternoon 2.30pm to 3.30pm,  Special invitation advanced instructors class Tuesday evenings 7pm to 8.30pm.

Also other classes offered around Bridgend Borough In cooperation with the charity Mental Health matters Wales the main one at the moment being on Thursday evenings in Bridgend Town. MHMW provides the programme as one of the activities at their many "drop in"  centres for people feeling mentally stressed etc.

We have a special easy to learn and teach Tai Chi programme based on the movements of the 97 Sun Style Tai Chi movements, but simplified into five modules of movements for easy learning. Also all the selected movements are done right and left handed for balance. The movements are periodically  modified where found necessary by physiotherapists and is copyrighted to insure licenced teachers follow updates to teach the latest version. Local would be instructors join our local classes to gain licenses but we also provide distance learning .  The programme was first developed by the Swimming Dragon School working with a senior NHS physiotherapist at the Morriston hospital Swansea for hospital patients, and is aimed at exercise to suit many types of  ailments  and includes compatible movements for the disabled in Wheelchairs etc.


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