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Cougar Arts Global.

Club name: Cougar Arts Global.

MAR member since 02/04/2019.

Cougar Arts Global. specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (miyagi ha ryu)
Kobudo (weapons)
Tai Chi ((chuan )old changstyle)
Kobudo (combat nunchaku)

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Club contact details:

c/o 43 tintagle Close
Derby city
Derby City

Contact name: Geralod Tuckwood
Contact telephone: 07494556934
Contact email:

Not quite open yet ,

 An  after school  program  to start ,  with council backing 

about  (4-30 -  5-00 ) ish   

Tai  chi chuan  for Adults_  

 Later  -  karate + tai chi + Escrima + kyusho-jutsu .


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