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What on earth is Martial Arts

Confused about what can and can't be called Martial Arts ??

OK …Let's try to break it down.
Martial = War, so Martial Arts can translate as Art(s) of War.

But .. Modern warfare has little or nothing to do with what we call Martial Arts today and Martial Arts today has little to compare to warfare - modern or historic.

Obviously - our modern martial arts (fighting systems) have ancient beginnings and we have copied and adapted what has gone before and developed them for what we wanted at that time.

So … what can we call a martial art today? For example - Boxing. Well … it originates
in brutal bare knuckle fights where anything goes, no rules and no rounds – simply last man standing but then money got involved where sponsors of fighters didn't want their investment damaged beyond repair and not be able to earn them anymore money. This resulted in the introduction of some pesky rules – Marquees of Queensbury being the best known.
My point being – though boxing has not directly evolved from war and is a sport with strict rules - it is a form of combat that has to be at least considered in the mix?
What we have today is a collection of fighting styles and sports we can group together, all under the umbrella of Martial Arts.
For more information see what Wikipedia has to say ..

On Martial Arts Register – we'll consider anything that can be thought of as fighting or combat or having origins in warfare – including re-enactment groups, fencing and even shooting clubs - as a martial art and add any information we can on them to our site.

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